What are the benefits of eating according to your blood type? 

In this video, I will be sharing with you the things that surprised me when I first embarked on the Blood Type Diet journey:


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For those of you who would rather read text, here is a summary of what I mentioned in the video and podcast:

As I mentioned in my last video, “First Steps to Take to be Compliant with the Blood Type Diet,” I have made the switch to incorporate high-quality animal protein, lots of vegetables and eliminated a whole bunch of food that’s harmful to me, such as wheat, dairy, soy, corn and sugar.

As a result of adjusting my diet to what my body truly needs and can assimilate, I experienced a series of amazing health benefits:

I wake up feeling truly refreshed. No more brain fog. No more need to drink coffee to wake up. No more midday drowsin­ess.

I used to have mucous, cold sores and sore throat regularly. And every day, after breakfast, which consisted of wheat bread, cheese and a cup of coffee with milk and sugar, I would always have diarrhea. Not anymore!

Acid reflux, stomach aches or constipation were “normal occurrences.” Not anymore! No even farting–the foul-smelling type!

No more “random” vomits and passing out at restaurants because I know I can’t eat cheese or other dairy products while pairing them with white wine or beer. These are all “avoids” for my type.

No more frequent headaches and migraines.

My skin clears up. I seldom get breakouts. When they do appear, I would be able to trace back to what I have eaten.

No more cold hands and feet, because my thyroid has become healthier.

No more allergy. That’s a big one. I used to have such bad seasonal allergies that I wasn’t able to function normally for at least two months out of the year.

I have much fewer colds and flus.

I thought switching to beef would be difficult but actually my body started craving for it and other types of red meat. The fact is that I didn’t like beef because I was eating conventionally raised, feed-lot beef, which has an awful taste and smell. Grassfed beef turns out to be a totally different animal!

And that leads to another pleasant surprise! I realized that eating grassfed beef actually helps me to lose weight. I have been able to burn fat effortlessly and maintain a healthy weight thanks to that. If you want to know more about how that is even possible, check out my Open Box video on Butcher Box.

There were some surprises about the food that I ate a lot during my raw vegan period. I learned that certain foods that are considered “super foods” by the healthy eating community are actually “avoids” for most other blood types. They include avocados, coconut oil, cashews and Brazil nuts.

The most pleasant surprise of all is that, for a sweet tooth like me, I can still have some wonderful desserts without gaining weight, such as a little bit of dark chocolate and some other gluten-free and dairy-free desserts, provided they are made with ingredients that are beneficial for my type. But since I have started to eat more meat and vegetables, I actually have less craving for sweet and starchy food.

Another pleasant surprise is, I used to think that alcohol and I just don’t belong to each other because, like most Asian people, my liver doesn’t have the enzyme to process it–or so I thought. However, it turns out that red wine is neutral for me. And after following the Blood Type Diet for a while, my liver got cleaned up and I started to be able to drink a small glass of red wine without feeling any discomfort, even though I still have a bit of that Asian flush.

These are some of the most prominent changes that I have noticed in my physical health. But eating right has also improved my mental and emotional well-being. I find that my mood is much more stable than before. In the past, I got cranky very easily as soon as I got hungry and my blood sugar level dropped quickly. I would feed myself with cookies, biscuits or cakes, which in turn spiked my blood sugar and gave me a sugar crash quickly afterwards. When I fill my plate with beneficial meat, fish and vegetables instead, my blood sugar level evens out, and I feel satiated for a much longer time. That way, I don’t have those sugar crashes and so I don’t get cranky so easily.

Of course, there are many things that contribute to emotional health, but those are beyond the scope of this video. I will talk more about them in the future.

Have you tried the Blood Type Diet? What are some of the health benefits you have experienced? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Next time, I’ll talk about the obstacles I had to overcome in order to be compliant to my diet. Stay tuned.

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