From time to time I’d like to share shopping tips with my readers. After all, what makes any dish truly special is the ingredients you use. Fresh and healthy ingredients can turn a simple dish into a restaurant-quality one.

When it comes to meat products, of course it would be great if we live near a farm that raises animals in a humane way. But many of us don’t have that “luxury.” As a city dweller, I have to rely on several dependable sources for my meat.

One of them is Butcher Box. It is one of the companies from which I source my meat. The meat I order from this company includes grass-fed beef and organic chicken (I’m a Type O).

  • Beef is Beneficial for Type O individuals, Neutral for Type B and should be avoided by Types A and AB.
  • Chicken is Neutral for Types A and O but an Avoid for Types B and AB.

I have tried out the different cuts curated by the company and they proved to be extremely delicious! Check out the ribeye steak and minced beef wrap that I made:

Grass-fed Ribeye Steak - Eat Right with Louisa -

In the following “open box” video, I will show you what comes in the box and the reasons why I insist on choosing grass-fed beef and organic chicken versus conventional meat from “factory farms.”

As my reader and subscriber, you’ll get a special perk when subscribing to Butcher Box’s monthly delivery service. Just use the following link to sign up and you’ll get 10% off + 2lbs grass-fed ground beef on your first order: Butcher Box

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