What Challenges Did I Face When I Started with the Blood Type Diet?

What were the obstacles I had to overcome in order to be compliant with the Blood Type Diet?

In this video, I share with you the challenges I faced when I started to eat according to my blood type (O).


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For those of you who would rather read text, here is a summary of what I mentioned in the video and podcast:

In the beginning, I realized that I had to give up all processed food because they contain ingredients that are toxic for my blood type, which is O. Among them are all the corn-derived products that are so rampant in processed food, disguised in preservatives and flavorings in the names of citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, “natural flavorings” and so on.

Even foods that seemed to be healthy alternatives turned out to be unfriendly to my system. For example, those gluten-free products often contain corn starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, xantham gum, etc, which are all “avoids” for me.

As for restaurant food, most dishes are out of the questions because they contain “avoids” one way or another. One big problem is the choice of oil that they cook the dishes in. Soy oil is most commonly used in restaurants as it is the cheapest type of oil. But soy is an “avoid” for me (and for most other blood types) and most of it is GMO anyway. So it’s really not a good idea to eat out—unless you know the restaurant uses other types of oil that are OK for your type.

As a result, I realized that I have to do all of my cooking at home and even bring food with me when I go out so I don’t have to eat any of the non-compliant or junk foods out there.

This means that I have to spend a lot of time on food preparations, making everything from scratch. But the nice thing is that I have learned to make many healthy and traditional foods such as non-wheat sourdough bread and fermented vegetables.

Over time, I have found a way to grocery shop and do meal preps in a very efficient way so that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a drag. I even figured out a way to prepare dishes for two different blood types in my household (more on that later).

Not being able to eat at most restaurants means that I am sometimes considered anti-social by my friends. But I’ve found a way to work around this issue, which I will talk about in the future.

One more thing: I found a lot of the foods that I grew up eating were actually not good for my body. So I had to give them up and find replacements. But once I realized how those foods were giving me troubles, I was willing to forget about them once and for all.

One example is soy bean products. Growing up in a Chinese household, I ate soy products every single day. Soy sauce was in almost every dish. But since I stopped eating it, I realized that I no longer had the phlegm and mucous that used to be there all the time.

I also gave up eating pork. Pork is the meat that has the highest virus load and causes red blood cells to clump up in all blood types. After a while, I realized that my immune system has improved and I no longer craved for it. In fact, it started to smell awful to me. So it just felt like I had nothing to lose. Instead, I replaced it with grassfed beef and started to appreciate what it does to my body—it healed my acid reflux, gives me steady energy, builds lean muscles and balances my blood sugar. You see, once I have found what is beneficial for my blood type, I naturally don’t miss what I had to give up.

The Blood Type Diet is not only a diet but a lifestyle. If you have any questions regarding the Blood Type Diet, please leave a message in the comment section below.

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