People have had some lovely things to say about our work together!

I thought I had done everything right but I just couldn’t figure out why my waistline keeps expanding. I feel like I’ll be well equipped to solve my problems. I highly recommend a session with Louisa.

Joanne V, New York, USA

This doesn’t feel like a diet at all! Skipping meals is no longer attractive to me and I look forward to meals now. I was really surprised that I’m not craving my ‘avoids.’ Without even trying I have also cut my coffee consumption from a pot a day to 1-2 mugs a day!

Becky P, Wisconsin, USA

I got some clear and actionable steps to take or strategies to use. I’m so fired up to get started and put my plan into action! If you want clarity amid all the confusing advice out there, you should definitely talk to Louisa.

Hazel B, Portland, USA

I knew I had to do something about my belly fat but I just didn’t know where to start. Now I have a plan and am feeling hopeful! Finally I have the help of someone who knows how to solve my problems in a smart way.

Heiddi Z, New York, USA

Louisa gave me a concrete direction for my self-care. She’s an empathetic listener. You will discover that you and her have a lot in common especially in the struggles that you are going through. She is one of us. She knows our struggles because she herself have gone through them. Her insights are very accurate and her recommended action plans are concrete and very specific to my situation.

Nini C, USA

I want to thank you for your dedication to communicate and educate about healthy eating for a lifetime. I have eaten for my blood type for 5 months and feel so much stronger and healthy. Thank you for your attention to detailed writing and stories you have shared with your own experiences over the 10+ years of your journey to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I just want you to know you are truly an inspiration with your openness, honesty and kind nature. SO, THANK YOU!

Mia Mouratis, USA



I am surprised that I am improving so quickly, especially since I’ve never been fit even as a child. Sometimes, it feels like nothing is happening and then I notice something that seems small but is actually a big deal. I expected a much longer journey to alignment and fitness than I’m experiencing.

You are doing a great job figuring out what I can do, maintaining the balance of me being able to do things but not letting it be too easy, and doing different exercises so that I don’t get bored. I have spent my whole adult self-sabotaging in the area of exercising. This training is helping me be more confident in my ability to do good things for myself.

Tarrie Schall, Thailand

I really enjoyed this coaching call! I felt that Louisa totally understood my problems and is unique in her approach in helping me with my problems. I really liked how we focused on what was most important to me. She’s non-judgmental and gives me a safe space to explore my feelings and options. I highly recommend this session.

Lindsey K, UK

Thank you so much for providing this [cooking] course. I am really enjoying it, but more importantly, it helps me to use the Blood Type Diet more closely. My hubby and I have been following our diets for 18 years and we ‘cheat’ on occasion. This is making me motivated to use my beneficial foods more and fill in with the neutrals, and truly avoid the ‘avoid’ list.

Burleighlady, USA

Your [knee] workshop is great. I bought it for my Mom… We are doing the exercises now. I also follow your recipes. Thank you for all the information you share with us to help to improve our health. Blessings!

Rosita T, Florida, USA

I am so grateful for your cooking classes, the incredible clarity and simplicity. I learned more from watching and listening to you than I have in years of reading recipe books!

Thank you so very much – you are such a great gift in my life!

Calani, USA

I think [the Six-Week Challenge] is a very well-rounded, rich and informative program, very encouraging and covering all aspects of diet, exercise, mind, body and spirit. I like that it combines not only what we eat but how we move and how we think and deal with stress and other issues. Because it is all related.

Amy B, Florida, USA

I am so grateful to have found Louisa. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Blood Type Diet and overall nutrition and cooks absolutely delicious meals. It did not feel like I was on any sort of diet! She is the most warm and caring person and completely immerses herself in ‘taking care’ of her client. It is a privilege to know Louisa!

Sarah T, New Jersey, USA

This amazing knee workshop was just the medicine I needed to reclaim the structure in my lower body, and knees, strength and posture. A few hours later day, my legs and lower body felt so balanced like I haven’t experienced before. Really had a myofascial release I was seeking. I had no idea this would be been such a benefit I was more curious because of knee issues but it so ended up being the Million Dollar Tip!

Jane M., New Jersey, USA

Good news: I am doing this diet as best I can whilst not able to really shop for myself and I can now fit into my shorts I wore last summer, which was not possible when I started this way of eating. Thank you thank you thank you for your inspiration. Also the reflux and bloating is so much less of a problem as I go along.

Kaye Tench, Provence, France

I was feeling frustrated with my health issues before coming to the session. Louisa asked questions that prompted me to dive deeper into why I want to achieve certain health goals. This really fired up my desire to take action! This is a must-have session for mid-life women who are seeking to lose weight and feel better from inside out.

Melissa T, UK

The session was eye-opening and incredibly helpful! I feel relieved and more relaxed now knowing that it doesn’t actually take so much effort to shrink my waistline. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to lose your stubborn weight or belly fat, just jump in and give this process a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Alice T, Cebu, The Philippines

I started the BTD in February 2021 and I thought I had done everything right but I was frustrated to see my waistline keeping expanding. Louisa then explained to me how this can be accomplished with simple steps that I can implement immediately. It was an eye opening experience for me. I’m so grateful for that!

Holly R, USA