How would it feel...

… if you woke up ready to bounce off the bed and look forward to starting the day?
… if you could move around freely and without any excess fat on your belly?

… and if you could do all your favorite activities with energy lasting through the day?

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Happy Midlife Woman

Hello there! Do you often feel like the woman above... or below?

Belly Fat

If you feel distressed by your declining health and inability to lose weight, you’re not alone. Countless midlife women are going through the same thing.

Perhaps you’ve tried to restrict calories, dabbled in vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, paleo, keto diets or even intermittent fasting. You’ve paid good money for meal delivery services, dieting apps and weight-loss programs. Maybe your best friends managed to lose inches but your belly fat just wouldn’t budge. You’re left asking yourself, WHY?

I have the answer to your question! Your body is unique. One-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work for you.


Louisa Wellness | Zap the Belly Flat

Hi, I'm Louisa Wah.

I help menopausal women zap their stubborn belly fat without pills, painful diets and strenuous exercises, so they can regain their confidence, prevent chronic diseases and enjoy the rest of their lives.

I guide women to create a personalized wellness strategy so they can finally stop feeling at war with their body and instead, fall in love with it!


I knew I had to do something about my belly fat but I just didn’t know where to start. Now I have a plan and am feeling hopeful! Finally I have the help of someone who knows how to solve my problems in a smart way.

~Heiddi Z, New York, USA

You are not alone...

So many women I’ve spoken to share the same frustration. They’re at war with their body, and the war only gets bloodier when menopause comes into play. For some, this war can go on for well over 10 years, and the havoc it causes can continue well after menopause has left the building.


We hear the common fix is to eat less and move more. After all, that’s what all of the diet and fitness gurus out there preach. If everybody says so, it must be true, right?


Wrong! What is widely taught rarely works for everyone!


Why? Well, have you noticed there aren’t many midlife fitness coaches out there? So much of the advice we see is catered toward 20- to 30-year-olds, which doesn’t always work for us midlifers!


Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, I worked out vigorously almost every day for a year, and lo and behold, an unwelcome food baby had arrived. On top of that, I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. I got to work and discovered the formula for shrinking my menopause belly. Within a week, I lost 6 pounds and got my flat belly back! But here’s the kicker, I hadn’t eaten less OR moved more.

Zap the Belly Fat | Louisa Wellness

Even women with a small frame like mine can have stubborn belly fat during and after menopause (left). It is a symptom of underlying conditions such as insulin resistance and cortisol imbalance. If unchecked, chronic conditions may develop. It’s something you shouldn’t ignore. But taking the right steps can effectively zap the belly fat and reverse the conditions (right).

I’ve been there…

I’ve been there, done that and got the T-Shirt. Not only the menopausal bulge, but all sorts of hormone-related discomforts during the decade before I hit menopause, such as migraines, fibrocycstic breasts, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, adult acne, menstrual cramping, heavy period, PLUS stomach ache, acid reflux, hypoglycemia, midday energy crashes, constipation, frequent cold sores, frequent colds and flus, freezing hands and feet, weight fluctuations, muscle pain and arthritis, you name it. I had it in all its glory. I basically gave up and thought that was just the “normal” state of the affairs. And I wasn’t even 40!

I tried everything to get rid of these symptoms, but NOTHING worked. Zilch! Then, enter the Blood Type Diet (BTD). It’s not really a “diet” but a smart and sustainable way of eating and lifestyle based on my unique body type and genetic attributes.

I tried the BTD in 2009 and moved onto the highly personalized version called SWAMI. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Almost every single one of my symptoms were gone and I was able to usher in Act 2 of my life with excitement rather than apprehension. Since it’s worked so incredibly well for me, I decided to help others implement this diet and lifestyle, and feel good in the Act 2 of their lives!

I became a personal health chef, a certified health coach, a certified postural alignment specialist and a certified barre fitness instructor so I can help people like YOU feel your absolute best!

There are so many advices out there, for which some are for men or 30-something women, rarely for mid-life women. She “walked the walk” and she will give you a tailor-made plan. I highly recommend Louisa.

~Holly R, USA

There’s no shortcut to health and well-being!

You may have tried everything and duck-taped all the quick fixes, nutritional advice, amassed a chuck load of free recipes and hopped on and off all kinds of fad diets. But did all of those hours spent searching for a solution lead to sustainable weight loss? Did they make you feel better about yourself?

If your answer is yes, I’m truly happy for you. But chances are, if you are still searching for a solution for your specific issues – because things that worked for your BFF just didn’t seem to work for you no matter what, then I invite you to hit me up with a quick 20-minute phone call.

On our call, I’d listen to what your struggles are, what you have tried and then I’ll let you know whether I’ll be able to help you can get from Point A to Point B – your ultimate health goal. At the end of this session, if I consider you a suitable candidate for my coaching, I’ll offer a chance for you to schedule a one-hour Strategy Session with a clear road map for you to implement and options for my coaching programs. 


Do you want absolute clarity on how you can reduce your menopausal symptoms, stop the food cravings, balance your blood suglar levels, lose that stubborn belly fat and turbo-charge your energy?